Shasta Wuffy
Oi, I am the artist and birder, Shasta! Please, enjoy my artwork and and follow me on instagram shasta_arts (20yrs old irl)Hispanic/LatinoCommissions: closed
Kaite - 19 - She/Her or neopronouns - Ace lesbian(Read carrd before following)
Age 25. Horny Fluid/NB socialist. No under-18s, I'm not kidding about the horny. While we're at it: BLM, ACAB, and fuck the Tories.(Icon by Seskata on FA)
My alt account is @TWRDoleWhip. Furry/Gamer/Fantasy Fan/Sci-Fi fan/etc. I'm weird!
Ejder Beowolf
jordan connor
I only made this for my Nintendo. (and maybe to follow my favorite youtubers) BLM✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Shrunken Boy
I love shrinking and being tiny, also transformed. Any giant wanna play? // RP DM +18 SPA/ENG #sizetwitter
Artistry Not Included
Enjoyer of Smeargle.Player of games.
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