Skye Meyer
My name is Skye I'm 19 Pronouns: he/they I am omnisexual In High School Hobbies: are art,reading,writing and sleeping
Most of my art are kawaii and I hope you like my art and I'm an Australian artist in Victoria Melbourne and foxgirls and snakegirls are the best
22yr|♀️|Digital/Traditional Artist|Casual VA|Casual Script Writer|Local Nerdy Potato|DM for Commissions|Likes listening to a certain someone's VA reels :3c
🎄christmas 𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒏 watching tgcf
-ˏˋ ☃️ ˎˊ- #VELVET: weldra • inf/tj 2w1 • multishipper & multifandom 🦌
kelly ashmyn tagure
Rin(´• ω •`)~
Will post and rant about -esp Kaeya~Scream about GENSHIN SHIPS~||#SilentReading (Mo Du) #SPL+All Priest皮皮 fanatic~#MXTX's墨香铜臭|| ۹(ÒہÓ)۶ہ
Rizza Cubar
soy una chica y soy una otaku una fujo y una creepy me gusta fnafhs ›La electro‹ Mi linda Novia Evelyn ^^♀+♀:Amor Eterno
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