2020/03/05 19:30

Regarding the SUMLIST function specification update

The SUMLIST function is a function that totals the list values displayed in the diagnosis results, but until now, totals could not be calculated if the numerical values of the lists were displayed delineated by commas.
We are presently dealing with this issue.
Firstly, according to usage up to now, when displaying the list 1 variables ([LIST1],[LIST1_1],[LIST1_2]...) in the diagnostic results as numerical values, by entering the list numbers in the =SUMLIST(1) and the function, it becomes possible to display the total amount of these values.

In this update, when, for example, the contents of list 1 is delineated by commas and the second value is used as a numerical value in the form of ([LIST1-2],[LIST1_1-2],[LIST1_2-2]...), by adding"hyphen + numerical value" to =SUMLIST(1-2) and the list numbers, it becomes possible to total the comma-delineated second numerical values.
Feel free to take advantage of this.
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